My Life’s Journey at 25

For many years in my life, I had been praying for an opportunity that would help me support the living of my family. Being the source of means at the young age after my degree wasn’t a smooth ride. It took me to different jobs, but nevertheless it lead me to meeting awesome and good friends.

God was really good when He has given me the job that I had been waiting for. I got my first regular job as a teacher on January 25, 2011 exactly a day after my birthday. Indeed, it was one of the best gift God has given me on my 21st birthday.¬†For four years now, teaching has been my only means of providing the needs and wants of my family. However, one day it took me to the point that even my full month salary was no longer enough for our needs. I had to support my post-graduate studies and eventually it lead me to be almost “financially broke”.

Thus, I started asking myself on what else will I do to surpass my financial instability considering the fact that I don’t even have a family of my own to support with but then I am already financially broken.

I started praying for a better opportunity, not only because I have a family to support to but because I have siblings and relatives that I have to help, too. Then one day in August 8, 2013, I met a business I am not familiar with – USANA HEALTH SCIENCES. It is a business which helps many people not just in terms of health but also in terms of wealth. A day after that, I decided to sign up but then unfortunately, I took the opportunity for granted. Two years after that, my life became even worst and therefore, I asked God of another opportunity.

To my surprise, after so many times of praying, God has given me the answer – it was still again USANA HEALTH SCIENCES. Then again, I grab the opportunity once more. This time, I am willing to take the challenge and I am willing to pay the price so I can enjoy the reward of the right opportunity God has given me. I know and I am confident that this is my answered prayer. God has now given me the answer to be financially free. And I thank God for He is now using me to be an advocate of His outpouring blessings in happiness, health, and wealth not just for my family but for the world.


Spot the Difference

I did not expect that I was this big years ago. I never aimed to be the sexiest, but there came a point in my life when I felt so depress because of my look and figure. Thanks to a friend, his name is Janno who constantly reminds me to loss and loss weight. It was so hard to loss weight, pain was there all the way. This picture may not show the body size that I aimed to have, but at least seeing the differences made me happier today.


The Best Mom I Ever Had

907740_648819028465458_194807718_nFour years had passed since the day you rest with God. However, with those 1,460 days of being away from you, everything was still the same just right on the same day you left me. It was hard for to me to understand then, but I have to leave it to God and believe that your leaving will make you happier with Him.

I admit, I envy those people who can still have a Mom to hold. I wish I could still do it now. I wish I could still hug you now with all my love, tease you until you scream in anger, and most especially, I wish I could still show you today that I am making all the things that you want me to be just for you to be proud of me. Mommy, I am doing all these things for you, and it is because of you. I want to be a good woman and a good teacher just as how you showed yourself to the world before.

I want the whole world to know that it does not need you to have the same blood and flesh together to be called as “Mom & daughter”, because it was the way you made me feel with those 19 years of being with you. Thank you for filling my life with your love like every real mother will do to their child. Thank you for being the best foster Mom I ever had. How ¬†I wish, God will permit you to read my blog, I would be the happiest (hehehehe).

Tears may fall right now from my eyes, but it is all because I am missing you so much. But Mom, I am yet still happy knowing that you are now the happiest with God. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These words may not be enough for the sacrifices that you made, but I just want the all whole world to know, that like other daughters and sons, I also have the best Mom I can be forever proud of, and that is You!

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

SweetDianaDawn – The Royale Princess ‚ôö

It has been awhile since I got to post something here; and now I am back – back from a hangout with my sister Ninzy. She is a gorgeous-mom-and-wife and a loving-best-friend and a devoted blogger in one (well, I got this blogging idea from her and she has taught me a lot about it.) When I got the chance of visiting her in their house, I really get the chance of asking her to make me a header or a cover photo for my facebook page, and yes, she’s always giving me a sweet YES. She has been teaching me how to do the designing and¬†lay-outing, but still, it feels different when you leave it to the expert (she’s an expert in Adobe Photoshoppe and many other things, mind you.. :D). Tonight, she made a royale-inspired cover photo for my page and I just simply love it a lot. It made me feel like a real PRINCESS and of course, it is one of my dream (and of course up to my dream ONLY). I was also having the best time teasing and playing with her little daughter Janine, who is also so cute, witty and charming. And most specially, we were really enjoying a happy dinner together. Thanks to her Mom and Dad! This has been a great night indeed!

Oh! By the way, here’s my latest facebook page header, thank you super duper Ninzy!

bannerdaw copy

bannerdaw copy

My Post Graduate Studies – The Most Expensive Reward

Long before she left us, it has been her dream for me to continue studying for my professional growth. It has been always her dream for me to get another level of education and to graduate it at the same time, and that was four years ago. Now, I am proud and happy to say Mom, your dream came true and I thank God for He helped me all throughout the way to finish my post graduate studies.

It was not an easy thing to study and work at the same time. We have to divide the time for work and for school. But I thank God for He gave me wonderful and understanding¬†people¬†around; my two guardians, for they never complain if I can’t help them with the household chores on weekend, & for they never scold me if they can see all the papers displayed in the living room. I also thank God for He gave me an understanding superior in school and supportive co-teachers as well, for they keep on pushing me to go on studying even if I felt tired already. Thanks to my friends also for they kept understanding if I cannot make time for them, most especially to Ni√Īa, Charlot and Janno. Above all, thank you GOD for everything.

Thank you for the wisdom and knowledge, for the strength and perseverance You poured on me to continue my book. Thank you for the financial blessings which helped me to continue all the way. And most of all, thank you for giving me the most expensive reward that I could have in my lifetime, after two years and five months of studies, thank you for my TOGA, Lord and I know Mom will be the happiest to see this.

“Wherever you are Mom, this achievement is all for you!”




What I Hate – What I Like?

Most people look at me as the most strict, unkind, and might be the most “suplada” woman they could ever meet. I won’t deny the fact that I am, because those characters are evident in me, only that, it depends on the people I am with and in other words, what I am depends on who you are. I don’t have to pretend to be good, nice and super sweet when in the first place you did something which I didn’t like.

There might be a lot of you judging me with the way I dealt with you, but those people who are really close to me knows who I am. When you find something wrong with the way I respond or treat you, remember not to ask me why, but ask YOURSELF why? I am good to those who are good, but I can be the worst when treated worst. I do believe in this line; “What comes around, goes around”, and it is up to you to deal with it.

I can be as loving and as sweet as my name. I love people who are true and even when they criticize, they do it constructively. I hate people who talk at my back and who is pretending to be so sweet while smiling when your in front of them. These were the kind of people I hated the most. I hate to be back-stab, better yet, confront me when something is wrong or when there is something you wanted to clarify. It is not that I do love confrontations, but it is because I would love to defend myself some time.

I was tired to be stepped on so many times. I already wasted tears and heartaches to those people around who are praying and hoping to bring me down. Oh well I am sorry, I have my GOD, and HE is maybe a total different from your GOD. I just want to express my thanks then for letting me hear those words from you, you were just one of the reasons why I continued my life.

Another thing, I love hearing jokes because I also love to laugh. But I hope you remember not all jokes are good and not all of them are funny. If you would not want to be offended, then please do not hurt me with your unfunny jokes, because I might respond differently.

And for the person who is trying to¬†imitate¬†and would already copy all the gestures that I have – THANK YOU! I am not saying that I am a popular gal to be copied but that’s how you did. But anyway, I hope one day you will realize that it is better to be yourself alone than be anybody else. Get some time for yourself to ponder and realize how good it is to be HUMBLE and to be TRUE despite what is lacking with you.

I just choose to make this blog; in the first place, I am bored and I woke up so early. Second, it’s for the people to know well who nlf0nHMI am. I don’t care if you will judge me more, it is up to you then. Thank you for reading anyway.